Arvipo EC40 Hoof Trimmers

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Arvipo EC40 HOOF: A new application for electric shears

Out of stock, we now have the new PS32 Hoof relacing the EC40 Hoof. Please contact Lakewood Products for details.

Arvipo have developed customised cutting blades for trimming the hooves of sheep and goats (and other small ruminants).

  • Provides a fast, clean cut; reducing stress on animals.
  • Greater comfort and increased output for the operator.

Cutting head mounted on axial bearings – no daily adjustment or lubrication required. Service only required yearly or after 500,000 cuts.

Specifications: (Download pdf)

  • Handpiece weight: 860 gms                    
  • Cutting options: Progressive and double opening
  • Maximum cutting torque: 150 Nm           
  • Autonomy: Longer than one working day
  • Cutting time: 0.31 sec                             
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 45 mm
  • Battery: Lithium 3.2 Ah                          
  • Full harness weight: 1.690 kg
NZ$2,300.00 NZ$2,103.15
Out of Stock