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A300c/f Coarse and Fine diamond sharpeners

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Diamond sharpeners: coarse and fine

DMT 45 micron (blue) and 25 micron (red) diamond sharpeners

Save 15% with this 2 file combo offer.

The coarse blue sharpener for quick sharpening to restore damaged blade and remove burrs.

The fine red sharpener to bring up a razor sharp cutting edge

Check out the sharpening video on the Tech Info page for demostration on sharpening Pro-Pruner loppers

These offset 65 mm Dia-Sharp® Diamond Mini-Hone® Sharpeners are ideal for those awkward, close-fitting spaces.  The ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable sharpening, deburring and honing in tight spaces.   Easy access tip measures 1 mm thick. 


Keep the sharpening surface clean for best performance. 
After use wet with water and clean off with a rag. Thiswill avoid clogging of the sharpening surface.
Every nowand then use a household cleaner and plastic/nylon brush for a more thorough clean.
Dry before storing.

NZ$36.00 NZ$31.50
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