Arvipo EC40 Electric Pruner and Trimmer

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Arvipo EC40 Electric Pruner and Trimmer

Out of stock, we now have the PS32 and PS37 models, replacing the EC40. Please contact Lakewood Products for details.

The progressive cutting control featured in the EC40 allows perfect positioning of the blade during the entire cutting cycle, improving access to any stem or branch. Its special head mounted on bearings (Pat.) operates without maintenance, adjustment or daily greasing, ensures a precise and clean cut that aids healing, preventing diseases.

The EC40 is a ligher weight pruner ideal for tasks such as kiwifruit pruning where the operater is typically working with arms extended over their head. The hand piece is ergonomically designed to fit to both large and small hands, providing a comfortable and productive work experience.

Cutting head mounted on axial bearings – no daily adjustment or lubrication required. Service only required yearly or after 500,000 cuts.

Please note: If more power is required e.g. for harder wood or when pruning a high proportion of larger cuts, the PS110 would be more suitable. 

Specifications (Download brochure):

- Handpiece weight: 860 gms             
- Cutting options: Progressive and double opening
-  Maximum cutting torque: 150 Nm 
- Autonomy: Longer than one working day
- Cutting time: 0.31 sec                     
- Maximum cutting diameter: 45 mm
- Battery: Lithium 3.2 Ah                   
 - Full harness weight: 1.690 kg


NZ$2,300.00 NZ$2,103.15
Out of Stock