P40 Pro-Pruner - horticultural pruning loppers

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Pro Pruner loppers horticulture forestry safety
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Pruning lopper – P40

Pro-Pruners have a non-sliding double action cutting system which spreads the cutting effort resulting in less effort required to make cuts. The Pro-Pruner curve blade section holds the branch while cutting resulting in a clean healthy cut every time.

Designed to meet the constant hard work that orchard, vineyard, kiwifruit and forestry pruning contractors require.

These also provide the home gardener with a reliable and long lasting pruning tool suitable for a variety of maintenance tasks.

Check that you have the right lopper for your pruning tasks. If you have any doubts please talk to us before making your choice.

  • 40 mm cut
  • 1.15 kg, 59 cm overall length
  • Designed and developed in New Zealand based on years of forestry trials. Further refined to suit a wide range of applications  with the help and advice of orchard, vineyard, kiwifruit and forestry workers
  • Owners achieve higher productivity
  • Easily maintained with basic tools
  • See Tech Info for further details, maintenance and sharpening tips

Accessories & parts:

  • Holster - fits all Pro-Pruner loppers, the lopper handles fold back for easy and safe storage in these holsters.
  • Reccomended sharpening with either the Topman double sided or DMT red and blue diamond sharpeners.

Replacement parts available:

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NZ$128.80 NZ$112.00
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pruning loppers, horticulture pruning loppers