PS110 Electric Trimming and Pruning Shears

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electric pruners, cut prevention, electronic pruning shears, vineyard pruning
electric pruners, cut prevention, electronic pruning shears, vineyard pruning

Arvipo Model: PS110

Replaces the PS100 model, same power, cutting capacitiy and similar price but with more features.

Arvipo PS110 lithium is an innovative electronic pruning shears, designed and built with high-tech materials to obtain a better crop quality, increasing worker comfort by reducing physical stress and, above all, increasing the user's safety.

Total Protection:

  • Protect the entire body from cuts.
  • The scissors will stop when they come into contact with skin.
  • This protection system works in all weather conditions.
  • The smart blade also prevents wire cuts if correct operational procedures are followed to make the wire part of the contact system by holding some part of the wire away from the cutting area.

Additional Features:

The New PS110 lithium guarantees high productivity with minimum maintenance costs thanks to the unique cutting head, not requiring any lubrication, regulation or daily maintenance.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic harness can be converted to a belt
  • Powerful and robust
  • Fast cutting speed with lightweight handpiece
  • Strong lithium battery pruning for a full day and more 

Specifications: (download brochure)

  • Handpiece weight: 945 gms           
  • Cutting options: Progressive and double opening
  • Maximum cutting torque: 200 Nm 
  • Autonomy: Longer than one working day         
  • Cutting time: 0.31 sec                    
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 40 mm
  • Battery: Lithium 5.2 Ah                  
  • Full harness weight: 2.350 kg
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