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P50 Pro-Pruner - pruning loppers

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P50 Pro-Pruner loppers, for forestry tree pruning, prune up to 50 mm branches
P50 Pro-Pruner lopper, for tree pruning and horticultural pruning

Current Special $26.55 off GST inclusive unit price when purchasing 5 or more P50 Pro-Pruner loppers

Pruning lopper – P50

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P50 Pro-Pruner designed to prune large branched forestry trees, up to 50 mm, have also proved to be outstanding for the pruning of large vine cordons, with less cutting effort, maintenance and sharpening required. The curve blade design holds the loppers steady resulting in a clean cut.

All Pro-Pruner models have a non-sliding double action cutting system. Less effort is required to make cuts. The Pro-Pruner curve blade section holds the branch while cutting resulting in a clean healthy cut while pruning, every time.

Recent testing in Brazil has demonstrated that the P50 lopper is ideally suited for pruning coffee plants, please view the video below to see this is practice.

  • Designed and developed in New Zealand based on years of forestry trials. Further refined to suit a wider range of pruning situations and wood types with the help and advice of orchard, vineyard, kiwifruit and forestry workers
  • Simple but very effective design, loppers are easily maintained with a basic set of tools.
  •  Loppers enable users to achieve higher productivity, putting the trees ahead of the competition 
  • Sold internationally for forestry, fhorticultural and garden pruning
  • See Tech Info for further details, maintenance and sharpening tips and see videos below

Accessories & parts:

  • Holster - fits all Pro-Pruner loppers, the lopper handles fold back for easy and safe storage in these holsters.
  • Reccomended sharpening with either the Topman double sided or DMT red and blue diamond sharpeners.
    See sharpening video below.

Replacement parts available:

Please note: For US customers we can ship spare parts at a better rate than we would be able to sell them on Amazon, via Postal Service Internation Small Packages. Please contact Lakewood Products directly for more information. sales@lakewoodproducts.co.nz

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Coffee Pruning

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