Arvipo 2024

Arvipo tools range 2024

 Arvipo Tool Range 2024

- A powerful set of tools designed to increase performance and last a full and intensive working day.
 - These tools reduce the required effort, powerful and lightweight, the tool does the work.
 - Equipment that shares the same battery for all tools in each power range.
 - Tools to suit a wide range of users from weekend gardeners through to full time professional workers.


As part of their new range Arvipo introduce:

 - PS27 shears and MT27 chainsaws. Lightweight tools for suitable for the home gardener, at an affordable price.
 - PS32 Tag. A manual ear tag machine with adaptable needles for the safe implantation of ear tags. Suitable for M2 - M3 ear tags, 24mm M6 - M9 - M10 short shank ear tags and 26mm BTL-SWM-HO long -shank ear tags.
 - HS32 Chainsaw pole, super lightweight, ideal for high pruning work. Telescopic pole 1.75 - 2.40m.
 - PS37 Crab with cable cutting head. It has a head designed with a specific mouthpiece to increase the cutting torque to enable the shears to carry out the heavy duty cutting required.
 - HP37 Dedicated professional pole shears for pruning at height, up to 45mm cutting range. 1.6m pole.
 - HS37 Chainsaw pole. Pole length 1.90 - 2.60m.

For more information on any of our tools please contact Lakewood Products


Arvipo range by voltage
Arvipo  - one battery for all tools in the power range
Arvipo tool range 2024
Arvipo tool range 2024