Trellis Tie Solutions

Prothec bio ties

Whatever your tying needs, from 1 season fully bio-compostable or biodegradable ties for new shoots to strong permanent ties that will stretch with tree/vine growth to avoid gridling, Prothec will meet your requirements with their range of ties for tying tools, electric tying machines and manually applied ties. Their range will ensure you have the correct ties and tying tools can provide large saving on time and labour.

Using bio-degradable or bio-compostable ties will also help with achieving sustainability goals within the horticultural industry. 

Whether you are pruning and tying for next seasons growth, staking new plantings or espaliered formation training there are ties and associated tools to make the job easier and quicker with better longer-term results.

Prothec tying systems

Exbanor Prothec Ties

Prothec offers a range of ties for short (8-10 months), medium (18-24 months) and long term (36+ months) duration, with degradable and bio-degradable (bio-compostable) options available. Plus, Prothec also offer two permanent stretchable tie options for vine and tree training. Being in the business for over 30 years, Prothec has established its reputation as the technological leader in the manufacture of biodegradable ties.

Prothec System ties, biodegradable or bio-compostable ties, designed for tying and trellising vines, can also be used for trellising other types of plants: apple trees, pear trees, tomatoes, raspberries, redcurrants, kiwi fruit, lemon trees, etc.

Prothec ties are the essential product for vineyards and orchards concerned with making pruning and harvesting easier, while reducing costs. Prothec provides a diverse range of products to solve a wide range of tying situations:

  • Biodegradable or bio-compostable ties: a range of durable options between 8 -24 months.
  • Reliable: different strengths designed precisely for different uses.
  • Protects the plant: the width of the tie and expandable embossed finish are designed to secure the plants without girdling them.
  • Comfortable: The Prothec System ties have a soft surface which protects the plants and the user's hands.
Prothec tie and cut pliers

Tying Prothec ties is practical and time saving using either:
The Prothec System pliers, which tie and cut at the same time, saves time and ensures consistent tying quality and can be used in all weather conditions. The 350 metre length spools are large enough to enable you to work long periods of time without having to constantly replace the spools.

Or the

Arvipo TM20 electric tying machine

Arvipo TM20 electric tying machine, these are a fast an efficient method of tying, particularly suiting for tying off after annual pruning, with four tying setting providing the optimal tie strength required.
There are demonstration video for each of these tying methods on the Trellis Ties page on our main website.

Stretchable permanent ties

The Prothec manually applied ties, CEP100 or CEP200, are ideal for long term situations where a stronger and more permanent tie is required. These can also be considered as a time saving solution as their stretchable characteristics, up to 400%, and durability means retying is required less often.