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Lakewood Products: Suppliers of forestry, horticultural and garden pruning tools

Lakewood Products was established in 2005 with a focus on forestry pruning, to design, manufacture and sell the P100 Pro-Pruner pruning lopper, designed specifically for plantation forestry tree pruning.

The design was based on the recognition of the need for a high quality, low maintenance lopper specifically designed for forestry pruning work. Throughout the design process feedback was sought from the forestry industry and taking onboard forestry workers’ views on their requirements for a heavy-duty pruning lopper.

The P100 Pro-Pruner was well received by the industry (both domestic and international) and is highly regarded for its non-sliding double action cutting system, low maintenance (and simple to maintain), ease of use and clean cut. 

The initial design was subsequently modified to produce a smaller, lighter version - the P50 Pro-Pruner  forestry pruning lopper was introduced to the market.  Both the P50 and P100 are assembled in New Zealand from a combination of local and overseas components.

It was quickly realised that these loppers were also suited to heavy pruning work in horticultural industries and have proved popular for orchard and vine pruning where larger cuts are required.

lakewood products suppliers of quality pruning tools

In 2013 the Pro-Pruner range was extended to include pruning loppers for the horticultural industry, and the P30 & P40 Pro-Pruner pruning lopper models were designed specifically to meet the demands of the orchard, kiwifruit and vineyard industries for lighter weight, reliable, durable pruning loppers suited to more general pruning tasks. These lighter models are based on the same design principles, strong build and easy maintenance, as the P50 and P100 pruning loppers.

Pro-Pruner loppers can be purchased in New Zealand via this website or from a number of retail outlets throughout New Zealand. Internationally they are available in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada and USA. Please see International Outlets for details.

Tree planting spades

To complement its range of quality pruning loppers has looked to source a wider range of pruning tools with the same attributes of quality, reliability and practicality.

Lakewood Products has sourced a range of quality pruning tools from around the world to complement its Pro-Pruner products.  These include the Arvipo electronic pruning shears from Spain and pruning secateurspruning saws and harvesting scissors from Japanese manufacturers Chikamasa, Topman and Asano; selected in line with Lakewood Products philosophy of providing practical, high quality and low maintenance tools ideally suited for industry use e.g. Forestry, horticulture, arborists, garden pruning work.

In line with our philosophy of related tools, Lakewood Products has now extended it range to include planting cultivation tools. Lakewood Products has developed the Pro-Planter range of tree planting spades designed for both New Zealand and Australian forestry requirements.

Traditionally designed and crafted Japanese gardening tools

We also now offer a range of Japanese garden tools based on traditional design and craftmanship. We have researched and secured a range of popular Japanese hand tools ideal for digging, weeding, cultivating, aeration, splitting plants and chopping out roots. The design of these tools is based on generations use and refinement to produce very practical and versatile tools.






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