May 2019 Prepare for Autumn Pruning

Basic pruning essentials: loppers, secateurs and pruning saw

Be well prepared for your pruning tasks

It’s the time of the year when we’re ramping up for late autumn and winter pruning. We always notice an upsurge in business activity around mid to late autumn as people, both in the horticultural industries and home gardeners, dust off their pruning tools and look at what they need to repair, renew and upgrade for the season ahead.

Arvipo PS110 electric pruning shears

This year we have noticed a sharp increase in interest in the Arvipo PS110 electric pruner with its unique Cut Protection System (CPS). In conversations with customers two common themes emerge.

 The first is the increasing focus on health and safety for the workers they have responsibility for. The PS110 sits front and centre with the CPS, the blade cut action stopping when any part of the blade or metal part of the hand piece touches skin.

A secondary aspect of this functionality of interest to customers is that it can also be utilised to prevent wire cuts. Wire cuts are a major bugbear when pruning around wire trellising. Not only does the wire seriously damage blades on electric pruners, electric pruner blades can also cause serious damage to the trellising, requiring time consuming repair work. If the worker holds the wire when pruning around it (holding the wire away from the immediate area they are pruning!) the shears will stop the cutting action if (when?) they contact the wire.

Remember to check all your tools are in good working order; clean, sharpen, repair or renew you tools before your pruning campaign starts, this preparation will save you time and frustration trough the pruning season.

And make sure you remain in good working order as well. Have the right tools for the job to ease those back strains and RSI related injuries and that you and your workers are in a safe and healthy work site.

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