Quality Japanese secateurs for horticultural pruning and garden pruning

TopMan pruning tools are manufactured in Japan according to traditional standards. They are based in an area of Japan which has been well known for tool manufacturing for many centuries. Building on this long tradition of quality manufacturing, TopMan utilise the latest technology in the production of their quality hand pruning tools. Their range of bypass secateurs are designed to meet the requirements of both professional horticultural workers and home gardeners.

Anvil vs Bypass secateurs - which to use? The cutting action with an anvil is like cutting with a knife onto a hard surface. The action with bypass secateurs is like scissors where the blades pass (bypass) each other. The anvil action can damage (crush) the plant, particularly soft stems but are well suited to cutting back (hard) dead wood. Well maintained and sharpened bypass secateurs will cause almost no damage to cut stems.

"Just confirming I have received the secateurs. Very happy with them!"

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In addition to secateurs Lakewood products also carry a range of pruning saws, diamond sharpeners, loppers, long reach loppers and fruit pickers manufactured by TopMan.