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Planting Spades

Planting Spades

Lakewood Products has developed three planting spades designed for plantation forestry work, these are also suitable for horticultural planting requiring multiple planting at a standard depth .

The Pro-Planter lite spade was developed on request from an Australian company which sells Pro-Pruner products. This design is based on Australian customer forestry planting requirements and feedback . These were first introduced in 2017 and are selling well.

The Planting Spade - Pro-Planter Lite V2 - Light weight strong planting spade – revised design based on user feedback.

The Pro-Planter standard spade has been designed and developed to meet New Zeland forestry planting requirements. 

All spades have a metal collar around the base of the 'D' handle to add strength and durability.

Spades are made in New Zealand.

The Pro-Planter lite spade is currently out of stock