Japanese Garden Tools

Traditionally designed and crafted Japanese gardening tools

Lakewood Products has recently extended its range of garden tools to include a selection of traditionally designed Japanese garden tools.

Designed and refined over many generations to produce practical and ergonomic tools suitable for many garden tasks. All these tools reflect the highest standard of traditional Japanese design and craftmanship with the blades made from high quality Japanese steel and completed with solid wooden handles.

The practicality of these tools is strongly highlighted by their multi-functional nature and suitability to many gardening tasks: - weeding, breaking up and aerating soil, digging, furrowing for planting and cutting and dividing plants.

"This Japanese hand tool has been perfect to remove tough kikuyu deep in overgrown flower beds at my newly purchased home. Uprooted the kikuyu and weeds with ease, and without fatigue to my hands."
(Satisfied purchaser of a Hand Fork - Mattock)