Sharpening your pruning lopper

The image below outlines the process for regular sharpening pruning loppers to keep them in good working order.

At the bottom of the page is a short video demonstrating the lopper sharpening process.

Sharpening your Pro-Pruner (refer to diagram below)

  1. Note the small bevel on both sides of the cutting edge of the blade
  2. Trials show maintaining these angles will give its best performance.
  3. Use the blue (coarse) DMT 45-micron diamond sharpener first.
    Hold the handle of your diamond sharpener in your right hand, lay the sharpener on a 12deg angle, lift your hand so the diamond sharpener is about 5mm up off the 12deg angle at the back side of the blade.
    The diamond part is now fitting the small 20deg angle on the cutting edge, sharpen in a rotary movement.
  4. Note there is a cutting bevel on the mating face of the cutting blade, sharpen this as well. If you don’t you will find over time it gets rounded and can cause the blades to spread apart and not give a good clean cut.
  5. Repeat the process using the red (fine) DMT 25-micron diamond sharpener.
  6.  As the diamond sharpeners work quickly, there is no need to spend a lot of time sharpening. Only about 10 rotations of the sharpener on each side is enough. The Pro-Pruner only needs sharpening once a day.
  7. We recommend using a 75/25 mixture of salad cooking oil and Methylated spirits as a lubricant for the Pro-Pruner. This mixture keeps the Pro-Pruner and your sharpeners lubricated and clean.

Note: If using the TopMan double sided diamond sharpener, use the coarse 300 then the fine 600 side in place of the blue and red above. 

Download PDF of Pro-Pruner Technical Notes

how to sharpen pruning loppers
how to sharpen pruning loppers
Diagrams outlining sharpening angles for pruning loppers