Professional Pruning Loppers

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Lakewood proucts design and manufacture a range of pruning loppers from the P100 Pro-Pruner, designed for heavy foresty pruning work, capable of up to a 65 mm cut; the P50 for lighter tree pruning, 50 mm cut; and the P40 and P30 for general horicultural pruning in orchards, vineyards and gardens. 

All our pruning loppers have the common bypass lopper design feature of a hooked anvil blade to hold the lopper in place allowing the straight cutting blade to produce a clean, healthy cut.

"I received the new pair of loppers today. Wow they are amazing less strain on the arms even on bigger cuts than suppose to. It feels like your cutting nothing on the smaller cuts."  - A happy P40 customer!

We carry a full range of spare parts for all loppers and provide "How to" notes on pruning techniques, maintenance and sharpening. See our range of videos under Technical Info - Pro-Pruners.

For details on the international (ie non New Zealand) availability of Pro-Pruner loppers goto International contacts on this website.

US and Canada: We are currently suspending sales on Amazon. Please contact Lakewood Products directly, we can supply all loppers (and parts) at similar rates, including shipping, as previously supplied through Amazon.

"Awesome product, quick delivery. By far the best pruning shears we have ever owned! Work great, worth the price." - US P100 purchaser