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P100 Pro-Pruner

P50 Pro-Pruner

P40 Pro-Pruner

P30 Pro-Pruner

Lakewood proucts design and manufacture a range of pruning loppers from the P100 Pro-Pruner, designed for heavy foresty pruning work, capable of up to a 65 mm cut; the P50 for lighter tree pruning work, 50 mm cut; and the P40 and P30 for general horicultural use in orchards, vineyards and gardens. 

All our pruning loppers have the common by-pass lopper design feature of a hooked anvil blade to hold the lopper in place allowing the straight cutting blade to produce a clean, healthy cut.

We carry a full range of spare parts for all loppers and provide technical pruning, maintenance and sharpening advice. See our range of videos under Technical Info - Pro-Pruners.