Harvesting scissors

Harvesting scissors for light pruning, fruit picking,  cutting flowers and herbs

Chikamasa is a family business manufacturing quality pruning and harvesting tools for over 100 years. It is based in an area of Japan with a long history in metal work and tool manufacturing. The company continues the local tradition of producing quality tools designed to match customer demands. The robotics now used in the factory to produce the snips ensures a perfect product every time.

Lakewood products carry and extensive range of light weight secateurs/garden scissors/fruit snips which are ideally suited to a wide range of fruit picking, cut flowers, 'dead heading' and light pruning work in the garden, orchard or vineyard.

"Great service thanks. Quick delivery, Product every bit as good as described"

"The citrus scissors I ordered arrived safely...I have already used them to pick my mandarins and they are brilliant" 

"Great snips thank you so very much. Replacing the ones I’ve had for over 20 years and am still using, seeing these was exciting and they will no doubt see me out of my gardening life for the next 20+ years"

Also see our range of secateurs for heavier pruning and trimming work.