Electronic Trimming Shears

'I have a range of electric pruners on my orchard. When the orchard workers arrive in the morning it's first up best dressed and the Arvipo always goes out first' 

Lakewood Products is the official distribution and servicing agent in New Zealand for Arvipo battery powered horticultural tools.

Lakewood products sells a range of lithium battery powered, power assisted, pruning shears designed for professional use. Models can be fitted with blades designed to suit your pruning/trimming requirements; soft wood, hard wood or hoof trimming.

electric pruners with cut prevention system, powered by lithium batteries

Arvipo PS110 electric pruning shears

Total Protection

Protect the entire body from cuts.
The scissors will stop when they come into contact with skin.
This protection system works in all weather conditions.
The smart blade can also prevents wire cuts if correct operational procedures are follows.

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Arvipo win 1st prize for technological innovation at agricultural fair

A safety device for pruning equipment, presented by the company Arvipotecnic SL, has been awarded the 1st prize in Technological Innovation and Safety in the Design of Agricultural Machines and Equipment at the 2017 Agricultural Fair in Sant Miquel, Spain.

The first prize, worth 1,000 euros and a certificate, was in recognition of the innovative Cut Protection System (CPS) on the Arvipo PS110 electric pruning shears. It is a very innovative system, wearing a simple wrist strap against the skin protects the user from cuts anywhere on their body.

These shears also incorporate a feature that provides protection for the blade from accidentally cutting wires or other metal objects.

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Arvipo EC40 HOOF: A new application for electric shears

Arvipo have developed customised cutting blades for trimming the hooves of small ruminants

  • Provide a fast, clean cut; reducing stress on animals.
  • Greater comfort and increased output for the operator.



 - Handpiece weight: 860 gms                                                - Maximum cutting torque: 150 Nm
 - Cutting options: Progressive and double opening               - Autonomy: Longer than one working day
 - Cutting time: 0.31 sec                                                          - Maximum cutting diameter: 45 mm
 - Battery: Lithium 3.2 Ah                                                        - Full harness weight: 1.690 kg

hoof trimming, hoof cutting, goat hoof trimming, sheep hoof trimming
Arvipo EC40 electric shears with hoof trimming blades fitted