June 2019 blog - Some new pruning tools

This month

 - We have some interesting new products we’re looking to add to our range.

- Fieldays 2019.

shearing knife for trimming and shaping new growth

Hayabusa shearing knife

This is a really interesting tool with possibilities for many light trimming and pruning tasks

  • Extra sharp serrated blade.
  • Suitable for new growth trimming
  • Blade length 360 mm Handle length 300 mm
  • Watch this video for a demonstration of trimming Christmas trees. The guy looks skilful, but I would still wear protective clothing!
Light electric pruning shears with integrated battery

Arvipo EC30 Electric Pruning Shears

Arvipo EC30 Electric Pruning Shears - Light weight, self-contained shears for light to medium pruning work. Unit comes with two lithium batteries. Great for users who don't need the cutting power and battery life provided by the larger electric pruners with a battery backpack.

  • Built in Cut Protect System (CPS)
  • Designed for professional pruning work
  • Two lithium batteries will keep you working all day

These shears share batteries with the Arvipo vine tying equipment

Electric vine tying machine

Arvipo TM20 Electric Tying Machine

  • 4 tie settings
  • No daily maintenance required
  • Removable batteries
  • 80 metre tie rolls for efficient working
  • Biodegradable and bio-compostable ties are available..

The EC30 pruning shears and TM20 tying machine use the same batteries.

Fieldays 2019:

We had a great but busy time at Fieldays this year, catching up with several existing customers and meeting many new ones. It’s a great opportunity gauge the feeling of the the various industry sectors, get feedback on their requirements for pruning tools or just to take some time to solve the world's problems.