Electric blossom thinner

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Electric blossom and fruit thinner
Electronic blossom thinner

The Arvipo AF100 is a blossom thinner for professional use on blossoms and young fruit. The thinner is
particularly effective with stone fruit; nectarines, apricots, peaches and plums.

Check out the Arvipo AF100 blossom thinner video to see how easily and effectively they work and view/download a pdf brochure

Thinning with the Arvipo AF100 reduces labour costs without damaging the tree with the exclusive
Arvipobucle (Pat) loop system. This system is more gentle on the buds than the rotating straight wire system used by other brands.

Arvipobucle (Pat) is a loop design based on extensive studies and testing. The loop is made from
high strength flexible rubber fitted on a shaft. The rubber loops will adapt to the location to remove
blossom without damaging leaves or bark.

Principle Characteristics of the Arvipo AF100 Plant Thinner:

  • Exclusive Arvipo system – Arvipobuckle (Pat) elastic, self-adaptable loop system
  • Greater precision – Allowing access to more difficult places without collateral damage
  • Increased effectiveness – Greater control resulting in a better finish
  • Minimising damage – To leaves and bark
  • Lightweight comfortable tool – The lightest on the market
  • Greater autonomy – More than one working day on a battery charge
  • Adaptable to your needs – Variable speed and reversible
  • Comes complete for use with carry case, lithium battery and backpack

Please contact Lakewood Products Ltd for more information on the Arvipo AF100 Blossom Thinner.

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